5 Genius Reasons to Launch Your Course Even if You Suck at Tech

effortless launch kajabi May 11, 2021

Learn why you should stop putting off that course AND how you can get it done, (with NO tech experience) in 3 days or less. 


It’s the weekend and you are working instead of hanging out with friends and family. The good news is that your business is going pretty well. You have a steady flow of clients, and you get to do what you are passionate about. 


The crappy news: you are stretching yourself thin helping clients.


You’re up late, AND getting up before dawn to finish projects. On top of that, you still have to do all the other admin stuff for your business.


You didn’t become an entrepreneur to be burned out, and watch life pass you by while you stare at a screen all day.


There has to be a better way.


Wouldn’t it be nice to help more people, in less time, while making more money? 


This isn’t a fantasy. It can be your reality in less than a week.


I know you’re wondering what the trick is. No pyramid scheme or Bitcoin trading plug here. 


Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you should create an online course (with the knowledge you already have) EVEN if you suck at tech.


An online course unlocks these 5 must-haves for your business: 


  • Save Time
  • Make Money
  • Obtain More Freedom 
  • Position Yourself as an Expert 
  • Repurpose Your Content


After you learn WHY you need to stop procrastinating on that course, then you find out exactly HOW to get it done in 3 days or less  (without worrying about all that tech stuff). 


Online courses have gotten crazy popular in recent years. With the pandemic and folks losing their jobs, people are looking to learn new skills without racking up more student loans. This works out perfectly because you have an opportunity to generate some passive income by teaching what you already know to help others increase their knowledge.


Save Time

Online courses are ideal if you have a busy schedule, and want to free up some time in your day without missing out on money. The ultimate win: save time.

Who doesn’t love to spend their time doing fun stuff?! When you create an online course, you spend LESS time working with clients 1:1, and more time creating your next big offer, or spending time with friends and family.  People purchase your course to access lessons on-demand. Even if you decide to host a live course, you can record the classes and offer the course replay (saving you time in the future). 


There is a catch thoughyou have to spend more time upfront to save time later. Be prepared to set aside time to create your course, film, and edit. So... exactly what does this time investment look like? Well, It depends on how much information you want to cover in your course. When it’s your first time creating a course, take it easy. Create a 30 - 60 minute masterclass that outlines your signature offer.  Simply organize your knowledge in a format that your audience can easily follow, and is true to your style. 


Make Money

Once you make that initial time investment to create your course, then you can sell the same course over and over again to generate passive income. The genius thing about courses is that you can sell them more than once AND increase your brand awareness in the process. As you reach new people, they will learn about your online course, and eventually purchase it. It’s a two-for-one deal. 


Here’s the part you’re not expecting. When you have a course, you get to increase 1:1 rates. How does this work? So glad you asked.  Your course establishes your expertise and makes your signature framework available for clients to implement on their own. This doesn’t mean that you have to do away with helping clients individually. There will still be select clients who will want more personalized guidance. These are the clients that you offer 1:1 services to. Then you refer clients with a smaller budget to your courses while accepting clients who are ready to invest at a higher rate in your 1:1 high ticket programs.


As you gain more experience and knowledge, you can make an additional income by creating more courses. At that point, you will have a pool of past clients to market your new online course offerings to, increasing your income with each launch.



We just talked quite a bit about money. So many entrepreneurs set these lofty goals of making multiple 6-Figures. You have probably set this goal a FEW times in your business. The reason you want to bring in more cash flow is not just to swim in it like Uncle Scrooge (insert Ducktails theme song here 🤣). You want to buy stuff, live in a nicer place, travel, work less, and pass down a legacy. FREEDOM is what you desire, and money is the tool you want to use to obtain it. 


Creating an online course is your gateway to a taste of freedom. You don’t have to be busy all the time anymore. Picture yourself on a tropical vacation, sipping a cocktail on the beach or hanging out with your kids in the middle of a gorgeous day at the park, AND still be making money from your course.


Allow your courses to sell themselves with intentional content and ads. Remember a while ago when we were discussing all that time you spend helping individual clients? Once you launch your course, you can take on less 1:1 clients. This gives you more freedom to grow your business, travel more, or just relax, without worrying about a project deadline. You get to only take on those 1:1 projects that excite you and refer other clients to your course offer.


Position Yourself as an Expert 


Offering a course instantly positions you as a leader. You know your stuff well enough to teach it, and your audience will take notice. Your target audience will look to you as the go-to person in your area of expertise. Once they look to you as the expert, then they will start sharing your content and engaging with you more because they know what you share is from a place of experience and authority.


Not only will your course help your target audience to see you as a trusted information source, but YOU will have a mindset shift as well. Seeing your course through from start to finish shifts your confidence to a higher level. That boost of confidence will shine through, and help to attract more students. As a result, you begin to see yourself as someone who has their stuff together (and finally stop second-guessing yourself so much). 


Repurpose Your Content


Once you confidently call yourself an expert, you will see other opportunities to share your knowledge by repurposing your course content. You save time and get to show up in more places without stressing yourself out when you package your course offering into smaller packages. Think about itThe outline to your course could be used for social media content, to prepare your audience to BUY into your actual course. Smart right?! Your course framework can be used as marketing material. For example, create posts on social media that gives your audience a taste of your course, and increases the likelihood of them purchasing.


You can take this even further, and package your course into a book, podcast, or audiobook (creating even more passive income while meeting your audience's learning needs). This fulfills the person who prefers to learn by reading or listening, vs course format. 


Not only does repurposed content help differentiate learning styles, but it also meets various lifestyle needs. The busy mom who doesn’t have time to sit and watch a course may prefer popping in her earbuds and listening to your audiobook while she runs errands. 


How To Start


Now that you know why you should create an online course (to save time, make money, have freedom, establish your expertise and repurpose content)… how do you start?


You’re probably thinking that you don’t have the time or energy to learn another tech thing. You just want to show up with your knowledge and share. That’s where my tech services come to save the day.


Effortless Launch gives you tech support for all the steps needed to create your course using Kajabi, and the processes behind the scenes to make your student experience seamless. 


All you have to do is show up with your knowledge and share.


Don’t waste another day NOT putting your course out into the world because you think you have to know how to code, create graphics, or be a tech genius to launch. That’s not your ministry (and that’s ok). It’s definitely my ministry, and I’m here to help you just show up and teach your magic sauce, while I handle all that tech stuff. You CAN help more people with a course, no coding or inner- tech geek needed.


By the way, I’m Shauna. My zone of genius is tech, workflows, and web design. Teach what you know and I’ll guide you with the rest. 


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Blog Contributor: Bianca Heath (Copywriter for Women Entrepreneurs). To inquire about writing services visit BiancaHeath.com

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